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Give online visitors the confidence to choose your hotel!

With our complete, visual marketing packages you will receive up to 67% more bookings.


The online visitor is interested in staying at your hotel and searches your website or your Google profile for information confirming that your hotel suits his needs and wishes. When you make sure he really gets a good picture of your hotel, when you are transparent and trustworthy, this lowers the threshold enormously and there lies a very big opportunity to increase conversions.

Just as people read reviews to seek confirmation that they are making the right choice, a virtual tour gives so much transparency and confidence that they dare to make the choice to proceed to conversion.

Google research shows that website pages with a virtual tour are viewed 5 to 10 times longer and interest in visiting a location is doubled. Indeed, in that extra time, the online visitor really gets to know your hotel, trust grows, the visitor gets excited, it may even exceed his expectations. He gets the confirmation he is looking for to proceed to a conversion: booking an overnight stay at your hotel!


The contents of the complete, visual marketing package

A complete package to generate more bookings and at a price you would normally spend for just a photo package or promotional video. The images can be used on your website, social media, Google, in articles and advertisements. 

3D Virtuele tour of your location

Map of your location

Promotion video

360º photos for Facebook

Google tour

Photo package

FACTS and benefits
3d Virtual Tour

Hotels with a virtual tour on their website, generate up to 48% more bookings (research by Best Western).
All 2,000 Best Western hotels in North America have a virtual tour, to significantly increase sales.

Locations with a 3D virtual tour are viewed 3x longer online,
this is according to research by Vacasa, which has now equipped 90% of their vacation homes with a 3D virtual tour.

Research by the hotel chain Omni Hotels among 130,000 people found that the conversionrate
in the group that had seen a virtual tour, was 2,9 keer higher than the control group.
Overall, the probability that this group would eventually book was 67% higher.

3D Virtual Tours are rapidly becoming the new standard for online marketing.

This digital experience creates the right expectations, increases interest and lowers the barrier to book.

The virtual tour can be viewed both on your website and on Google, for improved findability.

Potential customers can virtually visit your location 24/7.

The people who landed on your website in their search are already interested. They are purely looking for confirmation that your hotel suits them. Be transparent, give online visitors the chance to really discover your hotel and get them excited, so that the online visitor confidently chooses your hotel!

Our packages

How it works

Step 1.
The shoot of your hotel is usually completed within one day.
No special preparations are needed, you just need to clean and tidy up your location.

Step 2.
After this we process the images into a virtual tour.
Within a week you can view the result directly online.

Step 3.
Personalization then is an option, do you want information points and/or a menu bar? Anything is possible!

Step 4.
When you are completely satisfied with the 3D Virtual Tour, we will provide you with a web link and embedded iframe to place on your own website.
If desired, we will also upload the tour on Google.

Step 5.
Online visitors can now admire your location 24/7
on mobile, tablet, desktop or with VR glasses.



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